Vietnam’s Culinary: CNN Recognizes Best Asian Street Foods 

Welcome to Vietnam Untold. Today’s top story is that Vietnam’s culinary delights have earned their place among Asia’s best street foods. Look at the triumvirate of Vietnamese delicacies that made the prestigious list. 

First, we have banh mi, a beloved street food that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and visitors alike. CNN recognizes banh mi as a uniquely Vietnamese creation, influenced by the French introduction of baguettes. It fuses cold cuts, vegetables, and condiments like pate and mayonnaise.

Street vendors in Vietnam add popular fillings such as Vietnamese pork bologna, fried eggs, grilled pork, and meatballs. A loaf of banh mi can be easily found at street corners across the country, with prices ranging from $1 to $2.

Moving on to another Vietnamese staple, we have ca phe da, or iced coffee, which has become an integral part of daily life in Vietnam. There are millions who start their day with a cup of iced coffee, sitting on plastic stools along the sidewalks, savoring the flavors as the city comes alive. Whether enjoyed black, with condensed milk, sugar, or mixed with coconut milk, ca phe da offers a refreshing and energizing experience. A cup of this delightful beverage can be enjoyed for $1.

Finally, we have pho, the crown jewel of Vietnamese street food. This fragrant bowl of flat, soft rice noodles dipped in beef or chicken broth has gained international fame. Pho originated in Hanoi and spread throughout the country, with regional variations adding unique flavors. Served alongside fresh herbs, bean sprouts, lime, and chili sauce, a steaming bowl of pho can be enjoyed starting at $2.

In a recent culinary accolade, nearly 20 pho stores in Vietnam have been awarded the prestigious Bib Gourmand recommendation by Michelin. With the Bib Gourmand distinction, these establishments have solidified their positions as must-visit destinations for both locals and tourists seeking an authentic taste of Vietnam’s rich culinary heritage.

As Asia’s street food culture continues to captivate food enthusiasts, Vietnam’s banh mi, iced coffee, and pho are proud representatives of the country’s culinary heritage. From the bustling streets of Saigon to the charming alleys of Hanoi, these dishes will continue to satisfy both locals and travelers with their tantalizing flavors.

And many more street food options await you. Don’t miss out on them during your upcoming trip to Vietnam!

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