Thuy Minh: A Glimpse into Her Captivating Shows 

Welcome to Vietnam Untold! Today, we want to introduce you to MC Thuy Minh, an exceptional individual who wears many hats in the world of content creation, hosting, and producing shows on the YouTube platform. 

It is hard to find a woman like Thuy Minh, successful in all kinds of media roles: Journalist, MC, VJ, author, and television formatter.

Thuỳ Minh stands out in the public eye as a unique and strong-willed storyteller, known for her charismatic speaking style and natural hosting abilities. With a solid knowledge base and fluency in both English and Vietnamese, she effortlessly adapts and handles various situations, making interviews with high-profile personalities in different fields unexpectedly exciting.

Her passion for media started in her teenage years. She created her own editorial newspaper for her class, and then for her school. Encouraged by her teachers, she was advised to become a journalist. Unfortunately, she failed the college entrance exam on her first attempt.

Nevertheless, she has gained recognition from the public through numerous popular programs. Thuỳ Minh has left a lasting impression with shows like “Have a Sip,” “Bitches in Town,” “Not Spicy Not Leaving,” and more.

In the middle of 2015, Thuỳ Minh created the talk-of-the-town talk show “Bitches in Town” on YouTube, quickly generating buzz and making a name for herself in the spotlight, both positively and negatively.

The show faced a series of controversies due to its incessant focus on the private lives, attire, and behavior of famous celebrities, often using excessively critical language. These factors led to diverging opinions and strained relationships within the entertainment industry, leading to its discontinuation subsequently.

Despite receiving mixed opinions, Thuy Minh’s talent cannot be denied when it comes to out-of-the-box thinking and being the first to do things. She continues to strive and create more engaging show formats. Notably, her current highlight is the program “Have a Sip,” which she developed in her role as the Chief Content Officer at Vietcetera.

This talk show not only interviews individuals in the showbiz industry but also engages with influential figures who have made a significant impact on society, such as Thay Minh Niem and Professor Truong Nguyen Thanh.

“Have a Sip” brings a breath of fresh air, fostering a sense of familiarity as real people share their real stories. As the host of “Have a Sip,” Thuy Minh invites guests to the studio to have a drink together and discuss their lives, recent experiences, and more.

The show’s popularity speaks volumes, as the interview with Thay Minh Niem on Vietcetera’s YouTube channel has garnered a staggering 3.4 million views.

As a successful working woman with two children, Thuy Minh not only brings career impact to young professional story tellers but also shares her experiences of parenting with others.

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