Retired Farmer: Luring River Fish Home as Adorable Companions 

Welcome to Vietnam Untold! Today, we bring you the tale of a retired farmer whose love for his pets goes beyond the conventional. In the small town of Chau Doc, An Giang province, Vietnam, this farmer has turned his fish into beloved companions. 

The retired farmer possessing this talent is Pham Van Cuong, a 64-year-old. Each year, he spends hundreds of dollars to lure and nurture a school of wild catfish in a nearby river, treating them just like beloved pets. What’s truly remarkab le is that when he feeds the fish, he can touch their heads without causing any fear or panic in them.

Following his retirement from the business world in 2014, Mr. Cuong built a small house by the Vinh Nguon River, a tributary of the Hau River. The house provides a place for Cuong to entertain friends and take afternoon breaks. Below the riverbank, he placed branches and other natural materials, attracting fish to the area. Cuong then sprinkles food for the fish to enjoy.

Initially, many people found Cuong’s investment in expensive fish food unusual. They believed that once the fish finished eating, they would simply swim away. However, the opposite occurred. Day by day, the number of visiting fish increased, ranging from small ones weighing around 500 grams to larger specimens between 2 to 6 kilograms.

Now, each day, Mr. Cuong’s fish consume an entire 50-kilogram bag of food, costing over $12. When calculated annually, he spends more than $4,200 on their sustenance alone.

As the school of fish grew to thousands, Mr. Cuong constructed a raised platform and added barriers to prevent any ill-intentioned individuals from capturing the fish. The protective measures he employs highlight his sincere care for these underwater companions.

Visitors to Mr. Cuong’s “free-range” fish pond are not only astonished by the sheer number of fish but also deeply moved by his affectionate demeanor towards them.

For a long time, his fish have been considered cherished family pets. He diligently cares for them but never catches them for consumption. According to Cuong, this approach is one of the best ways to protect the natural fish population.

And that wraps up this remarkable tale of a farmer turned fish enthusiast. Pham Van Cuong’s dedication and love for his aquatic companions serve as an inspiration to us all, who are nature lovers.

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