Remarkable storyteller Quoc Khanh: From TV to Social Media Personality 

Welcome to Vietnam Untold! Today, we want to share with you the inspiring journey of Quoc Khanh, a TV host and a remarkable storyteller, who has successfully built VIETSUCCESS as a media group. 

In Vietnam, it is rare to find a successful media personality with a business background. However, this is not the case with Quoc Khanh. He is a TV host and producer who graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration in the US.

After completing his studies, Khanh began his media career at FBNC, a financial television channel specializing in finance and economics. The channel was newly established in Vietnam and was in search of someone with a background in business administration who could also communicate in English to work with international clients.

Khanh took on responsibilities such as program production, scriptwriting, and hosting. As he immersed himself in this role, his love for the media grew stronger, even though he initially saw it as an experiment.

He created two notable talk shows on FBNC: “Smart Money” and “Vietnam & me.”

“Vietnam & me” revolved around leadership lessons and perspectives from foreign leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs about life and work in Vietnam.

“Smart Money” focused more on business, entrepreneurship, and personal finance, catering to students, young professionals, and office workers.

As social media began to dominate traditional media, Khanh founded KAT MEDIA, a media company, and launched The Quoc Khanh Show on YouTube. His show quickly gained popularity among young professionals due to his intelligent hosting style and topics related to entrepreneurship and finance.

Eventually, The Quoc Khanh Show underwent a surprising rebranding and emerged with a new name: VIETSUCCESS. Khanh aimed to expand by recruiting more hosts and producers and introducing additional shows.

Today, VIETSUCCESS has amassed over 340,000 subscribers on YouTube and has produced more than 760 shows in both English and Vietnamese. The channel has surpassed 32 million views, covering a wide range of topics including startups, business, finance, investment, mindful leadership, mental well-being, and work-life balance.

To further extend its reach, VIETSUCCESS has also started broadcasting episodes in podcast format on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts, allowing them to connect with even larger audiences.

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