Phuc Map: American Vlogger Falls in Love with Vietnam 

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Today, we gather here to embark on an extraordinary journey alongside an American vlogger who was swept off his feet by the mesmerizing charm of Vietnam, Phuc Map.

When you catch a glimpse of Brandon Hurley and his distinctive orange beard, he becomes an instantly recognizable figure in the eyes of Vietnam’s online community. His immensely popular YouTube and TikTok videos effortlessly bring to life the diverse aspects of Vietnamese culture, all while showcasing his fluent command of the Vietnamese language.

In just a few short years, Hurley, known as Phuc Map (a playful combination of the Vietnamese words for ‘Fat’ and a common Vietnamese name), has gathered an astounding following.

With over 497,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, Phúc Mập Vlog, and an impressive 954,400 followers on TikTok. He has even graced the screens of prominent national TV game shows, notably the acclaimed program “2 Days 1 Night,” where he was invited as a special guest.

Through his captivating content, Hurley delves into a myriad of topics, ranging from cultural quirk and local cuisine to immersive travel experiences and the everyday rhythms of life in Vietnam.

His videos, such as “Which region of Vietnam has the best food?”, “Tet (Vietnamese Lunar New Year) explained by a foreigner in Vietnam” and “The most delicious banh canh cua (crab noodles) in Vietnam”, have garnered immense viewership and left both foreigners and locals alike in awe of Hurley’s remarkable fluency in Vietnamese.

Speaking candidly, Hurley shares, “To be honest, my YouTube channel was initially a lighthearted way to put my Vietnamese skills to the test. But as some of the videos gained popularity, it became evident that a majority of the audience enjoyed my work.”

Hurley believed that his audience consists of people who are interested in Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, and the Vietnamese language.

Having spent approximately six years in Vietnam, Hurley found love and companionship, tying the knot with a Vietnamese woman. As a testament to his profound connection with the country, he even adorned himself with a tattoo depicting Vietnam’s map as a way to remember his second home.

He holds deep admiration for what Vietnam embodies and, although he will forever be considered a foreigner, he has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Vietnamese community.

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