Jenny Huynh: The Game-Changer Shaking Up Vietnam’s YouTube Community 

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We are gathered here to share the untold story of a social media phenomenon, Jenny Huynh, who has disrupted the YouTube landscape in Vietnam and the US. 

Jenny Huynh, born in 2005, is a young YouTuber with nearly 3.1 million subscribers, despite not being involved in the entertainment industry.

Jenny’s videos mainly revolve around her daily life, school life, and the differences between living in the United States and Vietnam.

Jenny attended an international school in Vietnam before moving to California for high school. That’s where she started her own YouTube channel and quickly became a sensation on social media, an idol for young students, with over 1000 videos and a total of over one billion views.

Her storytelling style captures the essence of everyday life, creating a sense of familiarity without excessive glamor or boasting. Her creative abilities and youthful style in topics such as food, fun, and school have captivated millions of young fans. Not only that, parents also enjoy following her, hoping their own children will succeed in their studies like she does.

The 18-year-old youtuber has been accepted into eight top universities in the United States, and she has chosen to attend Stanford.

Not only is Jenny academically accomplished, but Jenny also participates in support projects for the nonprofit organization ABC’s for Global Health. In this project, her team has built a system of mobile clinics in 13 regions of the Philippines.

Last summer, Jenny called for support and fundraising for six children in Vietnam who needed heart surgeries. Among them, there was a young friend in Can Tho who viewed Jenny as an idol because she always inspires and brings energy to life.

Since her first video, which attracted over 4 million views, Jenny Huynh’s videos consistently reach over 1 million views. Notably, her 16-hour plane journey video, documenting her solo trip to the United States, has accumulated over 18 million views. This achievement is quite remarkable for a young YouTuber.

It’s worth noting that Jenny Huynh doesn’t solely rely on YouTube for her income. Jenny also owns an Instagram account with over 2 million followers and a Facebook account with 6.7 million followers, which contributes to her earnings through advertising contracts.

Despite being famous, Jenny shared that becoming a YouTuber is not her ultimate career goal. Pursuing a higher education at Stanford University remains her top priority in the near future.

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