Gành Đá Đĩa: Vietnam’s Gem Among World’s Top 5 Stone Cliffs 

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Known as the land of “yellow flowers on green grass,” Phú Yên isn’t just famed for its immaculate beaches but also for the awe-inspiring natural landmark, Gành Đá Đĩa, a gift from nature itself. Let’s delve into why this location captivates countless tourists, both local and international, drawing them in by the masses! 


Gành Đá Đĩa – Nature’s True Splendor

Gành Đá Đĩa in Phú Yên stands as an astounding marvel of nature. The basalt formations, originating some 200 million years ago from volcanic activity in the Vân Hòa Plateau, craft an enthralling and mysterious vista. The volcanic lava, meeting cold waters, solidified, and geological forces naturally fractured the rocks, birthing unique hexagonal and circular columns, resembling an artist’s meticulous design.

Viewed from a distance, it’s akin to a colossal beehive, rising amidst the azure sea, further shrouding it in mystique. Some formations soar vertically while others sprawl horizontally, like stacked plates, perhaps inspiring the name “Gành Đá Đĩa” (The Cliff of Stone Plates). The perpetual waves crashing against these rocks, paired with misty veils or shimmering sunlight, create an awe-inspiring spectacle impossible to capture adequately, whether by camera or words. Recognizing its singularity, Gành Đá Đĩa gained recognition as a national scenic relic in 1998, becoming a focal point for Phú Yên’s tourism.

The World’s Top Five Stone Cliffs

Gành Đá Đĩa in Phú Yên proudly claims its place among the top five stone cliffs globally, boasting extraordinary geological formations. It shares this distinction with renowned sites like the Giant’s Causeway in Northeastern Ireland, Órganos Cliff in La Gomera, Spain, Fingal’s Cave in Staffa, Scotland, and Jusangjeolli Stone Cliffs in South Korea. This acknowledgment underscores Vietnam’s exceptional possession of such breathtaking natural wonders.

Easy Accessibility

Reaching Gành Đá Đĩa is a breeze, whether by air via Tuy Hòa Airport or a swift train ride to Tuy Hòa Station. From Tuy Hòa’s city center in Phú Yên, a mere 30km drive north on National Highway 1A towards Chí Thạnh Town, followed by a right turn eastward for around 12km, lands you at the cliffs. Alternatively, opt for the scenic coastal route from Tuy Hòa to the stone cliffs, spanning over 35km, offering mesmerizing views of the sea and mountains.

A Distinctive Picnic Spot

Gành Đá Đĩa isn’t your typical picnic site of meadows or beaches; it’s a unique setting for a delightful picnic with friends or family. The varied stone formations, resembling staircases or flat surfaces, provide ample seating space, perfect for relishing pre-prepared homemade meals and catering to adventurous souls.

Worthy Landscape

Whether at sunrise or sunset, Gành Đá Đĩa presents enchanting and surreal scenes that make perfect Instagram captures. It’s a paradise for photography aficionados, offering countless opportunities to capture the ethereal beauty of the landscape. The natural rock arrangements offer diverse and captivating photo opportunities.

Gateway to Nearby Wonders

While exploring Gành Đá Đĩa, you can conveniently venture to nearby attractions such as Bãi Bàng, celebrated for its expansive white sandy beaches under the shade of banyan trees, or the Gành Đèn lighthouse providing sweeping panoramas of the surroundings. Additionally, a visit to Mằng Lăng Church, Vietnam’s oldest church built 120 years ago, is a noteworthy stop off National Highway 1A towards the city center.

Delectable Local Delicacies

Indulge in the freshest seafood sourced from local seas, including Ô Loan blood cockles, ocean tuna, squid vermicelli, jellyfish salad, lobster, and Cù Mông clams, all available at Bãi Bàng. Moreover, don’t miss the chance to purchase local specialties such as sun-dried beef, deer jerky, dried tuna, Hòa Đa rice paper, Phú Yên sour fermented pork rolls, ideal as souvenirs for loved ones.

Heartwarming Local Hospitality

A visit to Gành Đá Đĩa reveals the authentic warmth and sincerity of the local community. Their amiability and genuine hospitality shine through interactions with vendors along the cliffs. Engaging in conversations with them unveils anecdotes about the region, presented in the distinct Central region accent, leaving a lasting affection for this place.

After hearing about these myriad reasons, you’re likely feeling invigorated and eager to plan your trip to Gành Đá Đĩa with friends or family. Once here, leaving this enchanting place might prove quite challenging!

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