Cu Lao Waterfall: Embrace Nature’s Challenges in a Hidden Paradise 

Welcome to Vietnam Untold. Our top story today takes us deep into the heart of nature, where adventurers are testing their limits at the breathtaking Cu Lao Waterfall.  

Nestled deep within the forest, Cu Lao Waterfall is a testament to nature’s challenges and beauty. Located in Vinh Hao Commune, Vinh Thanh District, approximately 90 kilometers from Quy Nhon on the south-central coast, this hidden gem has captured the attention of adventurers seeking to push their boundaries.

The journey to Cu Lao Waterfall takes about two hours, covering a distance of 4 kilometers through diverse landscapes of forests, hills, mountains, and cornfields. Along the way, the path through the acacia forest, planted by the locals, is relatively easy to traverse, but the terrain becomes steeper as you progress.

Once you reach the waterfall, the water splits into two branches as it gracefully descends the cliff, creating a mesmerizing display of nature’s power.

Cu Lao Waterfall offers a serene setting for camping and outdoor activities. Beside the stream, you’ll find large rocks and a sandy beach, providing ample space for setting up over ten tents. Many visitors pitch their tents near the lake, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature.

If you plan a trip to Cu Lao Waterfall, pack essential camping provisions and food for the first day. However, the surrounding lake offers abundant food sources, allowing adventurers to fish, hunt crabs, snails, and frogs, or utilize bamboo tubes to cook rice. It’s an incredible way to connect with nature and experience the true essence of this trip.

It’s crucial to carry essential items such as tents, gloves, knives, and medical supplies in your backpack. And always keep your load light to avoid unnecessary fatigue during your trek.

As with any adventure, there are potential hazards to be aware of, including animal bites, insect encounters, and the risk of stumbling upon trees and rocks, especially during the rainy season from September to December.

While the journey may be thrilling, exercising caution while venturing into the forest is essential. Encounters with poisonous plants and creatures like snakes are not uncommon, so it’s crucial for visitors to carefully consider the risks before embarking on this trip.

It’s important to note that Cu Lao Waterfall does not have any official tour operators. So, if you’re planning a trip, make the necessary preparations and seek guidance from experienced locals who know the area well.

Besides exploring the mesmerizing Cu Lao Waterfall, visitors can also take the opportunity to appreciate the charm of the nearby village, adorned with serene greenery. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking tranquility and a deeper connection with nature.

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